About Us

Spin Zone Express is a Wash and Fold service in Belton.  Wash and Fold is just like going to the laundromat, except we do all the work for you!  First, your clothes are sorted and separated based on colors and fabric types.  Then we wash and dry your clothes in separate machines for each customer, according to the preference that you specify when dropping off.  Next, your clothes are neately folded, socks are matched, and the clothes are wrapped up nice and tidy in a clear wrap and all you have to do is put them away.

Laundry is an inescapble fact of life but now you can escape it

     No more hassles of dealing with laundry that piles up and absorbs all your weekend time. Nothing is worth more than spending time with your family or doing what you enjoy most or even just following more profitable pursuits.  We can save you hours of time every week simply by just dropping your laundry off to you.  You'll be in and out in under 2 minutes and well on your way to enjoying your day knowing full well your laundry is being professionally taken care of.

Menu of Service

Wash–Dry-Fold - $1.25 (Minimum 10 lbs.)

Dry-Fold - $.89

Fold Only - $.69

Comforters & Matress Pads - $12.00 (Add +$2.00 for King and Up)

Down Items (require extra drying time) – Add +$5.00

Sleeping Bags - $14.00

Pillows - $9.00

Dog Beds - $12.00

Laundry Bags - $8.00

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We Encourage B.Y.O. Hangers!